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PTA system for automated surfacing with CNC control

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Compact PTA torch for outer surfacing of small-sized parts

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PM-150М · PM-300 · PM-301 · PM-302 · PM-303

PM-300 - PTA surfacing module

The PM-300 is a basic, flexible PTA surfacing module suitable for general purpose application. It is compact, well-designed, reliable, inexpensive and high-efficient. On its base builds all PTA systems of PM-300 series(301, 302, 303...). This surfacing module also can be used with a standard turning lathe or any welding manipulation equipment.

PM-300 consists of:

  • surfacing unit with PP-6-03 PTA torch
  • inverter power source
  • control system based on PLC
  • operator panel
  • water chiller

Surfacing unit of PM-300

Surfacing unit of PM-300

Operator panel

Operator panel


Control system based on PLC
inverter power source

Water chiller

Water chiller

Examples of using PM-300 PTA surfacing module

Also you can see this video here.

PM-300 PTA surfacing module
technical data

Mains voltage and frequency 3x380 V, 50 Hz
Transferred arc current (direct polarity) 30 - 300 А
Current of an pilot arc 30 - 50 A
Working gas flow rate < 15 l/min
Cooling water flow rate > 4 l/min
Powder particle size 63 - 200 mkm
Hopper capacity 3,5 l (15 kg)
Surfacing productivity 0,2 - 8,0 kg/h
Vertical motion of torch (Z-direction) 300 mm
Correction of torch position:  
120 mm
100 mm
Torch oscillation width 0 - 50 mm
Torch oscillation speed 0 - 30 mm/s
Surfacing unit
750х750х1400 mm
Control box
500х400х1400 mm
Power source
570х300х400 mm
Water chiller
780х580х1000 mm
Surfacing unit
128 kg
Control box
48 kg
Power source
33 kg
Water chiller (without the working fluid)
62 kg

Control system provides:

  • Automatic feed of working gas

  • Noncontact ignition of the arc

  • Adjust upslope of current and powder rate at start of process

  • Adjust downslope of current at the end

  • Automatic switching the pilot arc

  • The control of a welding current and a powder during surfacing

  • Manual and automatic control of executive mechanisms of all system


PM-150М · PM-300 · PM-301 · PM-302 · PM-303


Exteriors and technical data of equipment could slightly differ from above mentioned due to the permanent development.

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